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Astro Special

Polar lights May 10/11

Total eclipse of the sun, USA 4/2024


Litli Hrútur / Fargradalsfjall, July 2023


Fargradalsfjall, August 2022   Sept. 2021

La Palma, Canary Islands

Volcano Cumbre Vieja, Sept 2021


Reventador & Sangay, Jan. 2020

Italia, Sicily

Etna 2020   2018


Masaya & Telica Volcano April 2016


Bárðarbunga Volcano, & Polar lights! Sept. 2014

Italia, Sicily

Mt.Etna, Nov. 2013  Stromboli, Aug. 2014

Volcano Dukono 2014 y Th. boeckel


Indonesia Japan

karang-etang, kawah- Ijen & Tarsia by Th. Boeckel

sakura-jima strong eruptionJapan, Suwanose Jima, Vulkan Mt.Otaka, Ash Lapilli Eruption
Sabancaya 2016

Sinabung 2014 / Seau 2015

Sakurajima 2010 / 2013


Vanuatu Indonesia


Nyiragongo 2011 / Nyamuragira 2012 Marum &Yasur,2012 Krakatoa 2009 / Batu Tara 2011


Montserrat:West Indies Iceland

Erta Ale, Dallol 2011 BoeckelErta Ale, Dallol 2011 Boeckel

Montserrat, Soufriere Hills 2010Montserrat, Soufriere Hills 2010

Eyjafoell Eruption 2010 by Thorsten Boeckel

Erta Ale, Dallol, 2011

Soufriere Hills, 2010

Eyjafjalla, Fimmvörduháls,2010

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Noctilucent clouds, South Germany 6/24 Aurora borealis, South Germany 5/24 Total eclipse of the sun USA 4/24

Comet 12P/ Pons-Brooks 03/24 Aurora Borealis,South Germany 11/23 Comet C/2023 P1/Nishimura 09/23

Red Sprites over Frankfurt area 8/23 Solstice Austria, 6/23 Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF 1/23

Occultation of Mars 12/22 Jupiter moon transit 10/22 Red Sprites over Czech R./ Poland 6/22

ELVES Red Sprites Germany 11th July 21, by Th Boeckel
Deep sky & Comet Atlas L3, 3/22 ELVES! and Red Sprite over the Alps 11/7/21 ISS before sun, part.eclipse 6/21

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The Chiemgau impact

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