Total  eclipse of the sun 2024

  USA, Arkansas

Photographed on April 08, 2024 by Th.Boeckel 

Also on the way, Carsten Peter

Lake Ouacita near Hot Springs

The location was at the Lake Ouacita near Hot Springs / Arkansas a few miles from the center line. The Big Fir puplic area was an stunning nice place.

This solar eclipse had one of the the longest totality at all. The maximum duration of 4:28 minutes took place in Durango / Mexico. The duration of the totality phase lasts even 4:17 minutes at our place.

The path of totality,  Map: Source NASA  Thanks a lot!

wide    animation of the eclipse     near

The preparations of the optics are going on...


A group of astronomers and Carsten setting the cameras up. On the right, note the Stone Age balance weight.




The last seconds before the totality...


Prominences (flares) appeard on the left side


Solar Eclipse 2024, by Th boeckel     

The wide angle photo shows the colourful scenery during the totality.



Longer exposions let the corona get more visible.

A short exposure time let the prominences (flares) get visible.


Exit from the umbra, the diamond ring appeared again.


Far from the eclipse chaos, we  took these photos at one of the most beautiful places in Arkansas.
So far we had the full enjoyment and pure fascination :-)
After only 2 hours the sky was covered with dense clouds for nearly 3 days. What a luck!
Eclipse posters, here the most beautiful.

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