Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks  

Photos by Th.Boeckel

Elek Tamas discovered this outburst on the 20th of July 2023. The brightness developed after the expansion (extreme outblow in the style of 17P/Holmes) of the comet halo/tail  apprx. 100 times more from 16.6 (mag)* to the magnitude 11.6 (mag)*. The comet could be seen with the naked eye in April 2024 at 4.5 (mag)*.

April 07,  2024


Pons-Brooks with a big coma, 4,1 (mag)*

1:14 UTC, 37s, Iso 3200, Tamron f/3,2, 70mm, Sony a7iii, (Jupiter und Pons Brooks) Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

March 28, 2024

Pons-Brooks with a pronounced tail, 4,8 (mag)*

Newton 900mm, 8"; crop2; 6 x 25sec, ISO 3200, Sony a7III,  (Wildsteig, Oberbayern)

March 8, 2024


Comet 12P/ Pons-Brooks

Comet 12P/ Pons-Brooks     Comet 12P/ Pons-Brooks

Pons-Brooks with double tail, more or less photographic. Brighness magnitude 5,9 (mag)*

Newton 900mm, 8"; crop2; 3 x 30sec, ISO 3200, Sony a7III,  (Wildsteig, Oberbayern)

  Comet 12P/ Pons-Brooks

Right: Comet with air traffic. Unbelivable, you can hardly take a photo without airplain or sattelite.

November 20, 2023

New explosion at 14.Nov.23. Comet halo / tail uprised to 8,9 (mag)*

Comet 12P/ Pons-Brooks   Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks by Boeckel

Newton 1900mm, 12,5"; crop2/1,5x; 4 x 115 sec, ISO 1600, Sony a7III

August 11, 2023

 'Clear sky' at Germerswang (Oberbayern)

 Very good conditions allowed these recordings of the comet

*mag  = > light magnitude: Up to mag +3 or +4 stars are visible nearby cities with the naked eye, in very dark areas the seeing limit can reach up to mag +6.

The more higher numerical value is given, the more weaker are the objects. E.g. - 4,7 mag, Venus glittering; - 1,0 Sirius, brightest star; + 3,5 M31 Andromeda, pale shiny oval)

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