Cover of Venus by the moon at 21.5.2004

by M.Rietze   




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Martins comment

On the last minute I reached near Stuttgart a cloud free space. In less than 10 min I was positioning and adjusting the telescope to the north booting up the notebook, starting the web cam by coordinating Venus with to the sun distance. Probably a new world record for establishing a focal projection. The cloud free gap near Stuttgart held on only to the disappearance of Venus, for seconds!!! Afterwards rain clouds stopped every further try. Following another free space in the sky to observe the exit of Venus was senseless because the next shower sabotaged each attempt

Web cam video with 1000 frames by extracting 65. Refractor 100/600 traveller of Astro Physics with FFC extended on 5000mm.

Well at least one of the seldom observations in Germany and real photographic action during this time of lousy weather conditions.

My comment

Correct!! Even I stood somewhere with Eurasburg / Friedberg and had for my surprise through a cloud gap a free view upward. Notice: Five minutes before there was a thunderstorm which made it impossible to leave the car. Unfortunately the air humidity was so high, so that the moon crescent was over beamed. After searching for a quarter hour I had to give up….

Nearly under conjunction of Venus

Images from Saturday 29th of  Mai 04. This pictures were taken with Martins Zeiss 8" refractor.


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