The moon is covering Mars

10th of May 2008

Fuerstenfeldbruck, South Bavaria


Mars entrance 14:11 MEZS, no photos!


Mars exit 15:16 MEZS

To the beginning of this moon cover, it was really hard to find this mini-bullet with a visual diameter of 5,5 arcsec and a brightness of 1,6 mag in the endless blue sky. But if you got mars at once you'll never loose him again. Like 2007 at the venus cover a strong wind was shaking the 12,5" newton, and no film could be made of the entrance in the dark side of the moon.


But the exit could be filmed with a Philips ToU cam. 2007 in comparision you could see venus in a bright shining near the moon edge. Now, you couldn't find mars even in a view finder teledcope. Anyhow, it was a very seldom and nice sight. Next mars cover by the moon 5/9/2013 and 12/18/2024.

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In comparision, the cover of Venus


18th of June 2008

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