Mt.Etna in June and July 2001

Lava flows in June 2001


Position: East of the North crater in direction of Val del Bove

Main eruption in July 2001


Left and middle: Lava front of ca. 15-20m thickness. The fight against the big lava flow 2-3 km north of Nicolosi. Left: Violent eruptions and explosive lava fontains up to 400 meter height at the laghetto crater nearby the cable car station of the Montagniola.


The new Bocca in a distance of 800 from the Sapienza (Altidude 2100m). Height of ejecta ca. 150 meter


Night impressions of the new bocca near the Sapienza.


The whole scenery of  the new bocca whith its lava flows. The moving lava flow before the restaurant at the Crater Sylvestri. Huge lava flows are destroying the parking place and facillity buildings of the Sapienza.


The mighty flow destroyed further some houses and the pinetra forest


 ©photos& text by  Thorsten Boeckel, last modification 6.6.2005

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