Meteor (it?) XXL  

An eye witness report



On the weekend the 6.4.2002 beside the comet Ikeya Zhang a particularly bright meteor over South Germany provided the media to. Later different sources reported that a woman in Bavaria would have discovered the meteorite in her garden. Doubts about that are however appropriated.

The "working group Meteore e.V.", reported on its web page that with the discovery in the district Erding probably a normal piece of cinder was found. The meteor observers pointed out that it was impossible that fragments of the observed bolide so mentioned in the district Erding come down. It is, so the experts, quite possible that  fractions of the meteorite reached the ground but exactly results could only be made after the analysis of graphic data.  

But it was really a Meteorite: One part  of 1.6 Kg was discovered 5 Km near Schloss Schwanstein in Bavaria. 

Source  from  the Astro News homepage!!!

The eye-witness Andreas Merz described the meteorit entrance from its point of observation (Mauern/Munich) as follows.

Approximately at 22.20  this bright optical phenomene, coming from southwest direction pulled through the entire sky. For approx.. 3-4 seconds the yellowish white glowing head accompanied by an orange red tail of approx.15 length was seen. Clearly A. Merz could detected a tight smoke-track. A rolling thunder was not assumed. The end of the meteorite  journey could not be observed by A. Merz ,because  the meteor disappeared behind a building .

Merz: "I regarded this for a late sylvester joke. After my feeling this optical phenomene was unusually near and enormously for a meteor appearing like this in action. I had really the impression that this thing would come down behind the church.

  Andreas Merz 8.04.02

Text: Boeckel.




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