Solstice celebration, 2008

   Austria, Ehrwald/Lermoos 21st June 2008 


Signs! In the astronomical sence of the longest day of the year, this traditional solstice celebration takes place in the mountains of Ehrwald / Lermoos in the Austrian Alps near the Zugspitze.


Real compliments to the climbers!

More than 8000 fires light up these up to 200-meter figures in the steep mountain walls from an altitude of 1200m to 2700m. The steep peak named 'Sonnenspitze' (ca. 2400m).


What an unique sight from a 2000m perch on the opposite side of the valley.


The southern ridge of the Zugspitze (2962m) is decorated with hundreds of fire lights.


In the southern direction the slopes of the 'Grubigstein' were lit up.

Own celebration fire on 2000 m

Thanks to Thorsten Pusch (right) who discovered this fine place of view!



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