The sun 


1.04.2001, 14:00 pm

These photos actually resulting from a coincidence.Searching the planet Venus I came to the idea to have a little view on the surface of the sun. And what a surprise, unusually large sunspots were able to be observed.By the way, at present time you can detect the sun marks with the naked eye. Wear protection glasses…!



More infos to the sunspot AR 9393 in the report of the South German newspaper of 2.4.2001

Sonne am 3.03.04


First try with the  h-alpha filter. Teleskope: Fraunhofer Schaerrefractor 4000mm, Minolta 700, Fuji ASA400, photo by Th. Boeckel.

Sun on 13.03.04 h-alpha


 Photos of sun spots TB


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