Venus and Saturn in May 07



The first try to catch Venus on the 13th of May 07 with atmosphere structure by using the TheImagingSource" DMK FireWire Videokameras

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The upper Venus and both images of Saturn were were taken at the observatory in Gilching at 13th of May 2007. Left: The overlayed image taken with a Canon 400d. The right image in comparision was developed by using  TheImagingSource" DMK FireWire Videokameras distributed by

Of corse you can reach acceptable results with the ToU cam. But t he primary condition is a very sharp optic given by the Fraunhofer Schaerrefraktor at the observatory in Fuerstenfeldbruck.


Saturn and the beginning Halfvenus at the 21rst of May 2007, 4000 mm Fraunhofer Schaerrefraktor. But without the Baader UV Filter no structures are visable at the Venus atmosphere.

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The moon in highest resolution (4MB) by Martin Rietze. Enjoy the ride over the surface!

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