The Perseids 

12 to13th of August 2015 Geisterspitze/Stilfserjoch, South Tyrol, Italia

M.Rietze, Th.Boeckel

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Radiant of meteors

Some parameters have to match with such photo actions. A clear night sky, new moon and the Perseids almost give this meteor cocktail shown below by showing a radiant. This means that all the meteors appear to come from one point. This point is located in the constellation Perseus, from where the meteor shower is named. Unfortunately often times stubborn peak clouds joined the clear night sky, hence we had only 2 hours time to take pictures. Hardly imagine if we had all night to snap. Nevertheless a passable radiant succeeded at the summit of the Geister-Spitze at 3465m. Below in the foreground the mountain Ortler with its 3905m.

Perseiden 2015 by Boeckel

 Nikon 10,5mm fisheye, f2.8 on Canon 5D,  composit of 20x30 sec, ASA 3200

Perseiden 2015 by Boeckel

A lonesome Perseid.. but nice..

More infos at Arbeitskreis Meteore e.V.

After an inquiry at the working group Meteore e.V. the following information from Mr. Roland Winkler was given.

The colored impression results in any case from reciprocal effect of meteorite material with the upper atmosphere layers. Deceleration speed and temperature plays a rather subordinated role. A member of our association (working group Meteore e.V.) had put on a statistics over some years ago in order to the meteor colors. Meteors are visually observed usually in white color, perhaps with a weak bluish touch.. With the appearance of bolides sometimes different colors can be observed.

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