Observatory Fuerstenfeldbruck,

Fraunhofer Schaerrefraktor 4000 mm / 8 "

Fraunhofer Schaer refractor: Excellent qualities for sun and planet observations

Datas of Telescope (Lichtenknecker)

Fraunhofer objectiv (two lenses, air gap)

Focal legnth 4242 mm, aperture 200 mm, two deflecting Cerodur mirrors

Mechanical manufactors  (alphabetic)

Gregor Jacobs, Joachim Mainka, Dr. Michael Rappenglück, Martin Rietze

Optimising of extraction device: Henning Herder

Astrodome over Fuerstenfeldbruck

Fürstenfeldbruck & Gilching

Observatory Fuerstenfeldbruck   VHS  Fürstenfeldbruck


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