The sky over South Bavaria at the 10.31.03,  0:10 - 0:30, MEZ

The consequences of the strongest solar winds since 14 years showed us a

polar light (Aurora borealis)

In the night when everyone is sleeping.....

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Photographed in Germerswang / Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich by Th. Böckel in the  direction NNO. Minolta SRT 101, 50 mm normal objective, Fuji 400 color, time of exposure; 30 sec to 45 sec

Notice. In South Bavaria you may can see every 11 years a polar light. But such a big thing like this is seen in the average of 40 years. Ms Wenzl who lives since 35 years in the village of Germerswang  told me that no observation report also a long time before is existing about such a big celestrial phenomene. May it was the biggest and brightest northern light which could ever be observed over our sky.

With a little luck.....

Still notionless I drove at the 10.31.03  from Fürstenfeldbruck to my village Germerswang, whereby I discovered a green bluish shining near the entire northern horizon (10°). Remembering to the new informations about very violent solar eruptions from the radio broadcasts I realized that this must be a polar light. In a very fast speed I drove to my house to catch my camera equipment. I was lucky because I had an ASA 400 film by my  hand and so this was the main reason that these photos are now existing.

Arriving the hill very hasty I positioned the tripod when just in this moment the celestrial spektacle began. Over the green- blue center a red veil was reaching up to 35° into the sky.  The lightning columns which were bended a little bit to the south changed the colour from orange into white in less than one minute. The shining was such intensive that bright stars disappeared in the background. At 0:35 the lightnings stopped finaly and a dense cloud layer was coming from the west. Therefore I had to finish this delightfull observation. 

The 1. polar light around 22.30 MEZ seen from Eichenau which was distanced about 10 km south east.


This picture is one of a series out of 500 digital images from Martin Rietze. He was looking forward to show the movement of this polar light. The german television sender ZDF did made a 30 with this material. The film his was broadcasted just in the same day by the news magazine ZDF heute journal.

Back to my place

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This photos are showing the whole size of this lightning phenomene. On the left the edge in nearly eastern direction

By turning the camera more to the north the intensive green bluish center gets more visible. This unique light phenomene took about 20 minutes. But looking at 1:30 once more in northern direction where meanwhile clouds did covered the sky there was a clear intensively red shinning through the thinner spaces.

Photos were taken with a 28 mm f: 2,8 wide angle objektiv, Fuji 400 color, time of exposure 60 sec;  photos Thorsten Boeckel

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