Planet Mars 2003, part I  


At the 27th of August the bright red shining planet approached to a distance of lausy 55.76 million kilometers to the earth. This constellation did experienced also the good old Neandertaler race 60000 years before. In the year 2287 the red planet with its 6.4 x 1023 kg will come to a similarly close distance. But there will be the big question if mankind will observe this happening again because of its well known boundless  peaceableness .

Notice!  The south pole cap of Mars  is always downside. The real view through a telescope shows it upset down.

Baader observatory:  Mammendorf / Bavaria

The GIF animation (above) of Martin shows Mars with a turn of 1,5 h  - > 3:45h-5:15h Central European Summer Time  at the 24.7.03 (10” Maksutov). The seeing was again bad, means Martin. (???  T.B.)


irgb1f.jpg (27326 Byte)landkarte.gif (8628 Byte)

Baader observatory 23.8.03 Mars on 27.8.03

a current Mars picture of the Baader observatory 3 o'clock Saturday morning . The interesting thing thereby: the IRGB picture contains additionally an IR channel, the details becomes higher-contrast!  Disadvantage, we had a bad seeing because of a too late air - flushing of the observation dome. (Martin Rietze)

Press on Mars, then you will get the planet as a

GIF animation (by M.Rietze)

On the right the FRG in the size comparison



The High End of the astro photography and the pertinent technology is represented above. For 'normal mortal ones' the following  pictures should encourage how to reach a good result with a 150 mm Newton (Siberia). However, with this photos the end of the 'flag bar' was reached.

Pole cap comparison

2.8.2003 Mars on 2.8.2003 around 4:30 in the morning. MESZ

2.9.2003 Mars on 2.9.2003 around 1:30, MESZ. The CO2 pole cap was melted up within remaining an eternal H2O remainder.

Quite remarkably is the change of size from 22,5"(2.8.2003) to 25,1" (2.09.2003) arcsec by watching through the telescope. Focal length apprx. 9 m. The diameter of the Mars disk appears 22,1 arcsec corresponding to an Euro coin (2cm) regarded from a distance of 180 m. To mark is that on the 2nd of August the view in the morning was very well .(photos, TB)

Closest distance to Earth! Mars at the 27th of  Aug. 2003 around 2:00 in the morning, Central European Summer Time . (original 40% bigger)


Look, how the planet appears live in the amateur telescope

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27_8.jpg (2898 Byte)

For these photographs a modified CCD- chip (1.2 M-pixels) from aWeb Cam as well as a high performance computer is the first condition. This has the following reason. For example the upper composition (2.8.03) is an excerpt of 400 pictures. Astronomical programs such as Giotto or Registax can divide the taken Avi -clip into individual bit-maps, and than center and adjust the best choice. By the frame representation only a reasonable selecting becomes possible. The 5 x overlay from the best pictures however was made here by hand

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