Bad weather on Jupiter

Observations on August 2007

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Due to the messages of a very bad weather situation on Jupiter, I tried to get the  planet on the 2nd and 6th of  August at the Observatory Fuerstenfeldbruck. Due to the low altitude of 20 degrees over the horizon, the seeing on the 2nd/6th of August was very bad, but the weather on monday the 6th was clear.


Both photos made with a Fraunhofer Schaerrefraktor 200/4000mm ( Equivalent focus length apprx. 20.000 mm on Philips ToU cam)

In comparision of a photo from the 28th of March 2004  it is nice to see, how the atmospheric disturbance was splitting the GRS (Great Red Spot) banner into three smaller one.

The Io moon transit and the escaping GRS on the right side on the 6th of August. At the beginning when the seeing was half terrible the Io moon shadow appears at the left side. The transit musst be stopped because of the bad atmospheric conditions.  

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