Sir Jupiter and Mr. Ganymed

 24 th January 2004 between 2 and 3 o'clock


On Friday I watched out for Saturn, but too much exhaust gases from the heating systems over the Baader-Observatory by an outdoor temperature of minus 12 degrees did complicated the observations . So it was impossible to get a good result. Instead of Saturn Martin was courios what Jupiter is doing all the time. Martin means that the seeing was bad and everything must get better for the future...     .(T.B. ???) please scroll down to see my results, than you understand the '???'

 Photo, Gif  M. Rietze


10"AP Mak, FFC and Philipps ToUcam

From a distance of  aprx. 693.000.000 km our biggest planet in the sun system together with his moon Ganymed (5280 km diameter)  is shown above. In the first moment it seems that this must be the shadow of Ganymed. But it isn't like that, because the greyish and darker surface of the moon appears in a distinctly contrast before the bright reflecting surface of Jupiter

The computer simulation shows the position of Ganymed.


Here you can see Ganymeds shadow (dark spot right) from the 31st of January 04, taken with a 6" Siberia Newton. ToUcam. You can find out the clear difference between an observatory telescope.. But on this day the seeing was really bad.

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