Meeting of Planets 2020

The great conjunction, 17-22.December

Photos and videos by Th.Boeckel

12-20-2020, 15:30 UTC

Jupiter and Saturn close together in a distance of ca.9 arc miunutes (0,15 deg)

Nice to see, Jupiters moons. From left: Callisto, Ganymed and on the right side Euorpa

63/840 Zeiss refractor, Baader FFC 6x, Sony a7III, 1/15-1/3 sek, post adapted with RegiStax

12-19-2020, 16:35 UTC

The both planets right down unten in the evening mood


Distance ca.15 arc minutes (0,25 deg)

Jupiter with moon Europa from March 2017. Newton 1900mm, f6, Baader FFC x4, Germerswang

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