Cataclysmic Star*(Dwarf Novae) in M27, Dumbbell Nebula

The idea to compare my photos more exactly comes from the contribution by After this informations the appearance of this star which is now interpreted as a Dwarf Novae, was discovered independently on 8.16.05 by Nick Quinn, (UK) and on 8.17.2005 by Jörg Hanisch (BRD). My own exposures  are showing the time before, during and after the appearance.


On this photo it is not possible to identify the new star.

TB, 14.7.2005, Newton 12,5" , 3040 mm, 120 sec , ASA 1600, Canon 20D


Because of the bad weather conditions in August the appearing of the star could first get photographed on the 29th by me.

Now it is interpreted by the scientists as a Dwarf Novae / Cataclysmic Star of the class W-sge, because the shining increased from 16.5 mag to 10 mag. To identificate the star better the images were reversed and on the left the gradation was allivated strong.


TB, 29.8.2005, Germerswang, Newton 12,5" , 3040 mm, 120 sec , ASA 800, Canon 20D


On this photo the star has gone, but surely still existing at this place.


TB, 8.9.2005, Germerswang, Newton 12,5" , 3040 mm, 180 sec , ASA 800, Canon 20D

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 *Cataclysmic Star, typ SU UMa or W-sge belongs to the dwarf nova class of  variable stars.

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