The ISS before the moon, 2nd of April 2009



Photos were taken near Rottbach/Fuerstenfeldbruck,Germany

Longitude= 11°14'31" E  Latitude= +48°15'00"  

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Angular diameter=47,4"  size=73.0m x 44.5m x 27.5m

Satellite at Azimuth=156.8° SSE,  Altitude= 65.0°, Distance=391.1 km,  Brightness=-4.1mag,
In a clock-face concept, the ISS will seem to move toward  7:29 Uhr
Angular Velocity=62.1'/s

More Datas: Ground speed=7.470 km/s  width of path=4.3 km  max. duration=0.5 s
sun height=+8°  angular distance to sun=91°

Gif animation, the whole passing time of the ISS tooks only 0,4seconds

Canon 50D on Meade 8"/2000mm (3600mm dig), Bel. 1/640 sec, ASA 800

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