Asteroid  TU24

 29th January 2008, 23:00 UT


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Single photographs 15x 55 seconds, Nikon 300mm (480mm) f3,5, ASA800. (15 x overlaid on the stars)

In the astronomical sense, the asteroid TU24 'scratches over' relatively close to the earth with a distance of apprx. 535000 kilometers in the morning of the 29th of January 2008 at 9:33 UT (moon - earth distance 380,000 km - 400,000 km). With estimated 250 m in diameter TU24 passed in perigee with a speed of ca.33.000km/h. The brightest illumination was towards 19:00h UT with approximately 10 mag. Around 23:00 UT this 'space block' passed visual the galaxies M81 and M82 in the distance from 2-3. The right picture shows the light trace, which lurches may by the possible rotation of the body. In addition, this rolling trace could be also the effect of irregularity, caused by the moderate adjusted RA-axis.

M81 and M82 taken at 5/5/2008, 12,5" Newton, 3x3 min ASA 800

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