The Comet Ikeya-Zhang

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The comet Ikeya Ikeya-Zhang was discovered on 1 February 02 by the Japanese Kaoru Ikeya and the Chinese Daqing Zhang and visited after 341 years again the solar system. After the time of the 1.April  he is in absolutely lightless regions in the time of  19.30 GMT (Munich + 2h)  with the naked eye at present  to be seen deep over the western horizon in the darkness. With the binoculars the tail can be already constituted. Its max. brightness it will reach at the end of  March about 3.3 mag. On the northern hemisphere it is thereby the best visible comet since the century comet Hale Bopp (1997).On 18 March he will be next with 76 million kilometers of the sun. To the 30. April the comet has with 60 million kilometers the nearest-to-Earth point. He is then the whole night visible within 29 degrees to the north asteriks. 

Datas of the photos 1,3  (M. Rietze)

Datas of photos 2,8,9   (Boeckel)

FFC (FlatFieldCamera) 940 f/3,2 on Kodak E100VS  film,
Pentax 6x7cm camera, Time of exposure: 1x5min, 1x10m Date: 30.3.02

Minolta XG 1 / Tamron 250mm f/3,8  on  Fuji 1600 col.,  Time: 3 - 5 min,      hand guided 

Place: Hill (711m) near Bad Tölz
UNFORTUNATELY: misty weather and  closer coming highclouds   -> FRUSTRATION !  

Place: 7 Km western from Schwabmünchen. in Oberbayern; Date 8.4.02


UNFORTUNATELY: Strong brightness 7° over the horizon  (7,10) ->FRUSTRATION (but not so much like on the left)


Photos (4/6) Minolta XG1; 50mm f/1.7 auf Fuji 800 col.  Time 90 sec; Place: Solnhofen / Donauwörth on 7.04.02,  

Photos (5) 15.4  Germerswang; sw- film 1600 / PE 2 sw- paper,  exp. 6min, hand guided



over Bavaria


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