Comet C/2012 S1 ISON

Comet ISON 2012/S1   Comet ISON 2012/S1

 Observations started at 7th of November 2013


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The Comet


7. November 2013

 First Images, Sudelfeld, Bavarian Alps

Comet ISON C/2012 S1, By Th.Boeckel 2

Image 1; 8" Newton, f4,5, 6x125s, ASA800, Canon EOS 50D; Aligned toward the coma

Image2; 2x125sec, Aligned toward the stars

Now you can see ISON through a binocular. But it was a hard fight against the November fog. The Brightness is estimated from me to mag 7,5 -8,0

   Comet ISON by Th. boeckel

Fear!! A foggy bank was dawdling 300m before my observation point up and down. But an evocation dance around the fisheye objective is helpfull. The photo was already made during the PanSTARRS observations while enjoying the same situation. 

ISON from Mt.Etna

22nd of November 5.30 UT



The comet could be seen hardly with the naked eye. In the upper photo it is positioned above the city of Giarre at the base of Mt.Etna. Without telescope and guiding it was a compromise and we could only photograph with short exposure times by using ASA 1600.

Sudden death


Credit to NASA, more at

While approaching the nearest point to the sun, ISON was fading totally and appeared again bright for a hours and calmed down to zero a second time. It is sure that this behavior was the end of an bright comet observation

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