Etnas flank eruption in July 2001

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Etna from Satellite and SO2 immissions

21.-22 Juli

The 200 meters long eruptive fissure, in a distance only 300 m from the tourist center Sapienza. Magma springs from 50 up to 150 meters  along the fissure gave a special gloss to this natural fireworks.

26.-27 July

David against Goliath, the big trouble at the very lucky Sapienza! How the excavator workers did save the refugio.

21-28. July

From Zafferana to Nicolosi. Around the round during the days

Cinema     Cinema

See side explosions of the new bocca near Sapienza. The fracture at 2100 m with his main vent accompanied with a lot of lava springs. The new fissure 300 m from the Sapienza. Clips  from a very close range.

More about Etnas activities 2001

L'Association Volcanologique Européenne,  Images from Etnas eruptions in July- August, by Alain Catte

Panic maker ahead! False press infos during the eruptions  in the magazine L.A.V.E  (Eng, Francais) 

Boris Behncke: Scientific facts and backgrounds of  Ätnas summer eruption

Amazing Sapienza flow: from Paul Faes & Monique Schilders, Holland



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